Sometimes you need someone

or some situation

to make you realize certain things


Sometimes it seems

as if your life is right on track

that all the plans you have

the choices you’ve made

are the right ones

Yet you can still be surprised

very surprised, sometimes

Surprised at your own stupidity

and narrow mindedness, sometimes


Sometimes you might think

that people are trying to get to you

and plant a certain idea in your mind, sometimes


Sometimes you might even feel

that it is this big conspiracy

of the entire world against you, sometimes


Yet sometimes, the moment you realize

that this is not the case

and that it is the desire deep inside you that is talking to you,

you will again be very surprised, sometimes

If this surprise comes at a time

when it can still be of some use to you,

please do not hesitate

and do something about it, sometimes


© Jairo Lobo, Den Haag, 27 September 2002