My Newfound Nothingness

So I deactivated my Facebook account today. Note: deactivated, not deleted. I guess that was just one step to far to take at this time. Despite the serious withdrawal symptoms that my body and mind are displaying right now, I do think this newfound vast nothingness will be good for me… perhaps I’ll get used to it sooner than I think. And who knows, I may even set a trend. After all, I did have 1,250 friends who might come looking for me offline now. 😉

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  1. I turned my Facebook back on. Both for business purposes, as well as for keeping in touch with my friends who reside all over the globe, it proved to be useful. In some cases it was even essential, as I don’t really have e-mailaddresses anymore for half of my friends and acquaintances. Having it turned off for a while did make me realize though how much time I spent just browsing through my newsfeed for no reason at all and how many pages I ‘liked’ and got ‘updates’ from per day, hour and even minute. Being the intense and untamable thinker that I am, that much distraction is just not manageable. So I am teaching myself how to ‘not be tempted to scroll endlessly through my newsfeed’ and I also limit my ‘uptime’.

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