21st Century: where do we go from here?

I said:

Only two things will help resolve the impasse the world is in, not only in so-called ‘crisis countries’, but in the entire ‘civilized’ Western world for that matter:

  1. Seriously reassess the political system – and I don’t mean a routine oil change, I’m talking a complete overhaul of the entire engine.
  2. A long overdue dismissal of the bankrupt capitalist system, replacing it with a new value exchange method that actually works for the needs we have TODAY.

Both our ‘modern day’ political system and the ever praised ‘gem’ called Capitalism were invented CENTURIES ago, based on the way the world looked back then. Would you drink expired milk? No, because that’s disgusting, right? Well so is continuing to hang on to an expired life! Get over it and let evolution take its course. Come what may, at least natural evolution is REAL. All other animals caught up to that a long time ago. Only humans fail to recognize this fact. So who’s the more developed species really? I’m just saying.

You asked:

And how do we do that?

I answered:

Glad you asked! Before we can answer that question, we have to dare to say that what I just pointed out has an undeniable truth in it. So long as we don’t even recognize that all we ‘own’ is actually in our minds, we cannot even commence to talk about ‘how we’re going to get rid of it and what we could put in its place’. The first step in beating any addiction is admitting that you actually have an addiction. I’m not talking about socialism, Marxism, or Chavism; – by the way, I heard a rumor today that he has been brain dead since December 30th and I guess neither you, nor I will soon find out whether that is true or not – I am talking about something entirely new. Something that has not actually existed yet. Between the seven billion humans walking the face of this earth, I’m sure we can come up with something better than capitalism, socialism, communism, Marxism or Chavism all together. After all, we are humans, we can think and conceive right? We’re more developed and intelligent than any other species, are we not?

Your next comment was:

Here we are suggesting all the solutions, but how do we execute them as a community? Let’s be practical here!

I replied:

Well, maybe we are not ready to execute anything yet. Perhaps we need to think first, or maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe being practical is actually one of the issues. I don’t know, could be. That is precisely what I’m talking about. Maybe we should not do all the things we were taught to do. Maybe everyone should start by being a lot less practical. Why don’t we start there and see what happens? Just to see what happens.

A newly hatched bird that flies out of the nest for the very first time doesn’t actually KNOW how to fly. It is not being practical, deciding how to execute its first flight together with its bird community; it just flies! Sometimes the bird makes it and other times it plunges to the ground and dies. It simply dies, just like that. But never does it ask HOW it needs to fly. Maybe we shouldn’t either.


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