Are you ready for this?

Expect unparalleled eloquence, improvisation and lots of humor.

‘a world-class performer’

a classically trained actor, writer and dramaturg, with a particular love for the stage;

a wedding officiant who has performed 200 ceremonies in 3 countries and 4 languages;

a born storyteller with a classy and engaging style;

a colorful personality with a cheerful mix of talents and fascinating experiences.

Jai is an energetic showman and moderator, who has hosted concerts, game shows, poetry nights, art auctions, corporate events and more, both on land and at sea;

a world-class performer with an extensive track record at renowned companies such as Holland America Line.



Jai personalizes your wedding in such a way that you feel like you’ve known him for years. He truly engages and involves your guests in the ceremony…

…and when you elect him as your officiant, you can trust to also receive some heartfelt advice and tips on how to keep your marriage, and life in general, simple and fun.

“Don’t be shy. I don’t bite… unless your event requires me to, in which case I shall gladly oblige. 😉 Whether you want something simple and elegant, or over the top extravagant; I throw on a black robe just as easily as I dress up in full drag. As long as it’s legal and fair, nothing is too crazy for me.”

Lady Jai

“She is fierce, she is funny, she speaks her mind, she sings and dances, but most of all, she cares… about humanity, about you and me, about the state of the world.”

Lady Jai performs live shows with storytelling, opinions and songs.  She gives motivational talks, she hosts talkshows in an intimate setting, and she doesn’t shy away from chairing a large conference either.

‘Quite a character!’

Some occasions call for an unconventional approach, an element of surprise, a way to let your guests step away from the daily routine.

As an actor, Jai easily assumes the role of a historic or fictional character to fit the theme of your event, with unparalleled eloquence, improvisation and lots of humor.

Are you ready for this?

I am.

“I believe the world needs more art. Humanity is in desperate need of new thinkers and rebels. A new Mozart, Da Vinci, Einstein or Darwin. And the way there is through art. We were all born creators, but in time we seem to have forgotten. We must somehow remember.”

– Jairo Lobo –

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