“A born storyteller with a classy and engaging approach, who audiences describe as a colorful personality with a cheerful mix of talents, knowledge and interesting experiences.”

Jairo has worked as a Performing Artist, Emcee, Manager and Creator in multiple fields, ranging from hospitality and entertainment to art and education. He has hosted shows and corporate events, addressed countless audiences, and officiated nearly 200 weddings in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. Jairo has mastered not only the crafts of acting, storytelling and public speaking; he has also taken on a great variety of creative challenges in theater, entertainment programming, public relations, advertising and art management. With a Bachelor in Hospitality Management from Hotelschool The Hague, Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam and numerous courses and masterclasses, he is a well-versed professional. His many travels and his diverse experiences at renowned companies such as Holland America Line, public organizations and a wide range of non-profit projects, have made him a true all-rounder in live entertainment and hospitality.